50th Wedding Anniversary Speech Ideas

Pondering over 50th wedding anniversary speech ideas to honor the golden wedding anniversary couple is an inevitable part of this celebration. So, try to make your speech unforgettable through ingenious ways but do not exceed it beyond the time allotted to you. Golden wedding anniversary speeches usually involve personal stories and putting your heartfelt feelings […] Read more »

50th Wedding Anniversary Games

50th wedding anniversary games are meant to add a lot of fun and entertainment in a golden anniversary party. However, choosing games suitable for your party and organizing them amidst all the other preparations is a challenging task. So, you will have to come up with inventive ideas for 50th wedding anniversary party games as […] Read more »

50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner Ideas

Having interesting 50th wedding anniversary dinner ideas in mind and ultimately following them properly is imperative when hosting a golden wedding anniversary party to make it a great success. Decide about the sort of party you want beforehand and then cook up dinner ideas for 50th wedding anniversary celebration. The arrangements will differ depending on […] Read more »

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Though you have been gifting him several presents all through your 49 anniversaries, it’s time to think deeper to come up with 50th wedding anniversary gifts for husband. After all, “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” You can prepare a touching golden wedding anniversary gift […] Read more »

Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas usually involve the use of gold because 50th wedding anniversary of a couple is also referred to as golden wedding anniversary. Gold symbolizes strength, wisdom, wealth, perfection and optimism. Moreover, the metal gold is resistant to corrosion. Hence, it is considered to be the most wonderful traditional gift for […] Read more »

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Ideas

Coming up with innovative 50th wedding anniversary invitation ideas to make each and every aspect of this milestone celebration special is an exciting affair that requires creative thinking to invite and involve all the guests in a grand celebration of pure love and everlasting commitment. Invitation card reflects the nature of celebration. So, you can […] Read more »

50th Wedding Anniversary Decorations Ideas

Planning and implementing 50th wedding anniversary decorations ideas can help a great deal in creating perfect ambience for the celebration of fifty years of happy marriage of a devoted couple. As gold is a traditional symbol for 50th wedding anniversary incorporate gold in your party decorations and table settings. Use streamers, balloons, candlesticks, centerpieces, netted […] Read more »