50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Ideas

Coming up with innovative 50th wedding anniversary invitation ideas to make each and every aspect of this milestone celebration special is an exciting affair that requires creative thinking to invite and involve all the guests in a grand celebration of pure love and everlasting commitment.

Invitation card reflects the nature of celebration. So, you can use party favors, banners and other decorations that match the theme. Moreover, make proper plans for the golden anniversary party and inform the guests beforehand if it is a surprise party.

Make sure you do not leave out relevant details like name of the couple being honored, name of the host, party venue, date, time and RSVP contact number.

50th anniversary invitation

In case you do not want the guests to bring gifts then state it clearly in the card. When planning to compile a scrapbook including messages and interesting stories from guests, ask them to bring the same to the party.

Given below are a few 50th wedding anniversary invitation ideas for your help.

  • If you wish to recreate the setting of the original wedding then you may opt for an invitation card design similar to the one that was used in the original invitation cards fifty years back to infuse nostalgia.
  • • Another interesting idea is to design the card giving the impression of a newspaper article highlighting the successful completion of fifty years of the couple’s married life and then inviting guests to the grand celebration.
  • Select and customize appropriate wordings for 50th wedding anniversary invitation that you find impressive. You can also use anniversary poems or famous quotes on top or bottom.

    For instance, “There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage” -Martin Luther or “The richest love is that which submits to the arbitration of time”- Lawrence Durrell, etc.

    50th anniversary invitation

  • Personalizing the invitation with photo of the golden wedding anniversary couple (recent as well as old) on the card is an extremely popular 50th wedding anniversary invitation idea. As words add value to pictures, choose simple and meaningful rather than formal wordings.
  • In case you are planning to have a small gathering for the celebration then you can consider making the invitations yourself. Use good quality papers, gold accent background and decorate the card in an artistic way.

    You can also use your own handwriting to add unique style. A number of beautiful free template designs for 50th wedding anniversary invitations are also available on the internet.

Though absorbed in making arrangements for 50 wedding anniversary invitation ideas and ideas for party decorations do not forget to send out invitations to your guests about 4-6 weeks prior to the party.

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  1. priyaa says:

    “Happy 50th Anniversary
    How precious are the memories,
    Of fifty years of caring,
    Of hopes and dreams fulfilled,
    And a lifetime of of love and sharing.
    And though memories of those years
    Are held in the heart forever,
    There’s so much more to come
    As you continue life’s journey together.”

  2. bobby says:

    its usually gold so make it good and gold.
    try to make it come from the heart, that always works better.

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