50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Golden wedding anniversary is an extremely special occasion for a couple that calls for unique 50th wedding anniversary ideas to mark the grand celebration.

In this regard, renewing marriage vows is the most popular way to infuse romance in the senior couple’s life in a meaningful manner. After all, in the words of William Shakespeare, Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

Plus, it helps the couple reaffirm commitment towards each other after struggling through tough times. As this is not a legally binding ceremony, anyone can officiate at the ceremony.

50th anniv ideas

Remember to keep it as an intimate affair involving close friends and family members if you feel that the couple is interested in the sacred ritual of marriage and bonding rather than a pompous party. Nonetheless, you can throw a lavish party after the ceremony.

Few more 50th wedding anniversary ideas for the party

  • When the guests enter the party, ask them to put down their greetings and favorite memories of the couple on a piece of paper. Assign this task to a younger member of the family. If possible, take photos of guests with a Polaroid camera.

    In the end, fix these photos and the messages of each of the guests on a separate page in a scrapbook and gift it to the couple. You could inform the guests about this idea beforehand so that they can prepare their messages as per their convenience.

  • Another interesting 50th wedding anniversary idea is to gather exciting and meaningful photos and old video footage of the couple from family members and their close friends and prepare a video montage out of the collection.

    You can do this task yourself or hire a professional videographer to get things done perfectly keeping in mind the style of presentation that would be comfortable for the couple. Display the slideshow during party to enjoy the couple’s journey of marriage and explore how the couple has changed over the period of fifty years.

  • You may provide disposable cameras to the guests so that they can keep taking pictures applying their creativity. This way, you will have a number of interesting snaps that do not miss out any of the guests. Place a basket somewhere for the guests to leave the cameras after the film runs out.

    50th anniv ideas

  • In the party, play music from the decade the couple was married to make the environment nostalgic. Moreover, use gold-inspired theme in decorations.
  • Display wedding photos or album in the party to recreate happy memories of the couple. In addition, it helps create a wonderful setting for the party and involves even relatively less familiar guests in the celebration.
  • Senior couples usually yearn for the company of their children and grandchildren. So, make sure all the family members, even kids are present in the golden anniversary party. Although children tend to be messy but their presence in the celebration will surely make the occasion joyous.
  • Having a signature block quilt signed by guests is another great idea for 50th wedding anniversary party.
  • Although dinner halls are quite common venues for the party, consider going for cruise ship as the wedding anniversary reception venue.
  • Hand out candies, miniature cakes, cookies, plants, or personalized shot glasses etc as favors for the guests as token of appreciation.

In the midst of all this hectic planning and celebration, hope you have not forgotten to ponder over 50th wedding anniversary ideas for gift you are going to present to the couple.

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