50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

50th wedding anniversary of a couple is a very special occasion that is definitely incomplete without celebration and 50th wedding anniversary gifts. So far, gold is considered to be the most popular gift for 50th wedding anniversary.

Gold can be gifted in the form of golden jewelry, gold plated picture frames, gold rose and other such items. For instance, you can restore the couple’s wedding photo and get it on a gold frame.

Presenting gold plated items is another convenient option in case you want something relatively less expensive. Gold symbolizes beauty, strength, faith, wealth and perfection. Nonetheless, if you want to be innovative, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

Golden anniv

Ideas for 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

  • Couples who choose to renew their vows on their 50th wedding anniversary can be presented tickets for their honeymoon for the same location where they originally went so that they can relive those moments even fifty years later.
  • Gift basket comprising sentimental as well functional items is another fabulous 50th wedding anniversary gift. To make the basket more interesting, you can include some items from the year the couple tied the knot.
    Some such items are DVD of special events of that year, CDs of music hits from that time, picture frames, candies, set of circulated coins (penny, quarter, half dollar etc.) from that year and so on.

    50th gift basket

  • Nostalgic 50th wedding anniversary gifts are extremely popular these days. So, you can prepare a nice collage or scrapbook for the couple featuring photos of family, friends, special events, vacations, previous homes etc.

    In addition, try to include special stories from family and friends to make the gift unique. The couple will surely enjoy going through this special gift. It is low on budget yet priceless because of the value of memories it brings back.

  • Getting the couple tickets for concert, theatre or reservation for dinner at a special restaurant to enliven their romance is another good gift idea to celebrate the completion of 50 golden years of the couple’s marriage. Arranging a holiday cruise for the couple is another remarkable gift for 50th wedding anniversary.
  • If you want to go for something more traditional then you can gift gold candlesticks, personalized glassware, Then and Now photo frame, gemstones etc.

    Yellow flowers

  • Family tree is another treasured wedding anniversary gift that you can present to the couple that has been together through thick and thin.
  • Gift items like photo quilts, photo pillows, gold rimmed inscription platter etc. also lovely.
  • In case the couple loves being close to nature, you can always gift a beautiful bouquet of 50 yellow flowers. Yellow flowers can be gifted in any season. Moreover, the color is apt for golden anniversary gift because it symbolizes happiness, optimism and intellectual energy. You can choose a collection of yellow daffodils, jonquils or tulips if it is spring season. Tulips, in particular, signify unending love.

50th wedding anniversary gifts can be wrapped in shiny gold paper or wrapping paper decorated with violets and golden ribbon to mark the golden anniversary. You can also put the couple’s favorite quote on the gift.

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