50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Grandparents

Nostalgic gifts are considered as excellent 50th wedding anniversary gifts for grandparents. You need not spend lots of money over some formal gift that does not touch their hearts. Remember, What Comes from the Heart, Touches the Heart.

The golden wedding anniversary couple surely deserves something special and unique. Here are a few ideas for 50th wedding anniversary gifts for grandparents.

50th anniversary grandparents

  • Scrapbook: Collect and arrange old photos of the couple and family taken during special occasions to make a beautiful scrapbook or collage. You will have to put in some effort in gathering photos from their close friends and other family members to get interesting photos right from their childhood.

    Encourage friends and relatives to share special memories with the couple and include them in the scrapbook. In addition, write special messages as to how the strong bonding and commitment of your grandparents inspires the whole family.

    If possible, compose a poem for them as a unique 50th wedding anniversary gift for grandparents. You can find several inspirational samples on internet.

  • If you do not have the time to make an extensive scrapbook then just collect as much interesting old photos of the couple as possible and put them in a photo album. Plus, be creative and give titles to some important photos that will bring back golden memories from their lives.
  • Gift Basket: You can prepare a gift basket for your grandparents by putting their favorite items like chocolates, wine, cookies and a Then and Now photo frame displaying a photo from their original wedding against one of their recent photos. Wrap each of the items separately with a gold paper and tie with a gold ribbon to decorate it.

    50h anniversary grandparents

  • Family Quilt: Create a quilt by getting photos of the couple transferred on fabric and put together the fabric squares in a quilt. Involve other grandchildren as well. Provide them separate fabric squares and ask them to sew beautiful buttons, create drawings with fabric markers etc on the squares.

    Finally, sew the squares together and present it as one of the most special and heartfelt 50th wedding anniversary gifts for grandparents.

  • Family Tree: Gather photos of your grandparents and parents. Draw a tree on a large sheet of paper, paste your grandparents’ photo on the top.

    Next, glue photos of successive generations on branches below them. You could also place the couple’s photo in the middle and put the photos of successive generations around them, giving the effect of tree spreading and branching out.

  • CD or DVD: To revive the pleasant memories of your grandparents from the era they got married, collect their favorite old songs, movies, TV shows etc from the time they got married and burn on a CD or DVD.

    Getting them a CD of music that was played on their wedding day is another superb 50th wedding anniversary gift for grandparents.

  • Gift Certificates: Getting them gift certificates to their favorite stores is another good idea. You can also gift them movie tickets or arrange a romantic dinner date for your grandparents.
  • Organize a party: In case your parents and grandparents are not enthusiastic about golden anniversary party then you can throw a surprise party for the couple and gather all the family members. Senior couples love to be around their near and dear ones at this stage of life.

    Display a slideshow of old photos of special events, vacations, previous homes etc. and help your grandparents relive those cherished moments.

If your pocket allows, you can get luxurious and extravagant 50th wedding anniversary gifts for grandparents to show your profound love and care for them.

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