50th Wedding Anniversary Games

50th wedding anniversary games are meant to add a lot of fun and entertainment in a golden anniversary party. However, choosing games suitable for your party and organizing them amidst all the other preparations is a challenging task.

So, you will have to come up with inventive ideas for 50th wedding anniversary party games as well as meticulous planning to organize the games with maximum ease and minimum chaos.

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50th Wedding Anniversary Games for Party

  • How well do you know the couple: This is the most popular 50th wedding anniversary game. In this party game, the anniversary pair is interviewed on topics like their first date, their first pet, annoying habits, charming qualities etc prior to the party.

    During the anniversary party ask the guests some 10-20 questions about the couple and collect their answers on a piece of paper. Present a prize to the guest who answers most of the questions correctly.

  • Golden wedding anniversary game for the celebrating couple: Put two chairs back to back on stage and ask the celebrating couple to sit on each chair. Provide pen and notepad to each of them.

    Now, ask them interesting questions like who talks more, who cooks better, who does most of the household chores, who gets up earlier in the morning, who is more punctual, who is more spendthrift, what was the day of their wedding, their wedding song etc and see how many of their answers match. Give them candies for each of the matching answers. This hilarious game will keep everyone amused in the party.

  • Balloon game: This is one of the simplest 50th wedding anniversary game that you can have to pump up the fun factor. Inflate balloons and keep in each balloon, gold confetti along with strips of paper with messages like “no prize for you”, “better luck next time”, “try again”, “thy shall not win”, and so on.

    Finally, keep a piece of paper with the golden anniversary pair’s name scribbled with gold colored ink in a balloon. Ask the guests to choose their balloons and burst them to get their chits. The one who gets the chit with celebrating couple’s name wins the game and a prize.


  • You can come up with another interesting game with decorated balloons. First, prepare a list of famous celebrity couples and write names of each celebrity on separate chits. Place the chits in balloons and let the guests choose their balloons.

    Ask them to burst their balloons and find the guest who got the chit having the name of their celebrity partner. The pair that matches the celebrities assigned to them the soonest wins the game.

  • Match the couples: Ask the couples attending your party to bring old photos from their wedding day and write their names on back of the photos. Collect these pictures when your guests arrive and number them.

    During the party, move around the tables and ask the guests to identify couples in the photos and write down their answers on paper against the number assigned to each photo.

    Read the answers aloud once you have circulated the photos on all the tables. Award a small gift to the participant who matches most of the pictures correctly.

  • Paper dance: If there is music in your party, you can easily include this game idea for 50th wedding anniversary party. The game is perfect for couples. Participants are supposed to dance on big chart papers or newspapers with music playing in the background.

    After each round, papers are folded in half and couples are required to dance on the paper. When music stops, couples who stepped outside the paper are eliminated. Eventually, the couple that lasts the longest on the dance floor is declared the winner.

You can give away prizes like a box of candies, gift certificates, reservation for a couple at the celebrating couple’s favorite restaurant etc to the guests who win 50th wedding anniversary games at the party.

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