50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner Ideas

Having interesting 50th wedding anniversary dinner ideas in mind and ultimately following them properly is imperative when hosting a golden wedding anniversary party to make it a great success.

Decide about the sort of party you want beforehand and then cook up dinner ideas for 50th wedding anniversary celebration. The arrangements will differ depending on the type of party, whether it is at a home, restaurant, banquet hall, church fellowship room, open house party or picnic.

Anniversary dinner

  • If the couple is more comfortable celebrating their milestone anniversary in an intimate gathering instead of large, pompous celebration, organize the party at someone’s house or at the couple’s favorite restaurant.

    There is a lot of scope for decoration at home rather than restaurant. On the other hand, restaurant is a better option in case you want to enjoy the event remaining trouble free. If the restaurant allows, you can use balloons, red roses and other small objects for decorations.

  • Banquet halls are considered good for grand golden wedding anniversaries. Parties in banquet halls usually have buffet style dinner. Or, you may opt for a specific menu consisting of non vegetarian as well as vegetarian foods.

    Set a gift table decorated in accordance with the celebrating couple’s taste. Also, make sure there is plenty of party space available to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Recreating menu from the senior couple’s wedding day is one of the best 50th wedding anniversary dinner ideas. You may also select meals based on the menu the couple shared on their first date. Decorate the cake with gold colored icing, yellow candied cherries and an attractive cake top.
  • Having gold garnishes on foods is another interesting 50th wedding anniversary dinner idea you can use. Tie gold ribbons around serving spoons. In addition, select gold colored sparkling wine for toast. Give out party favors like chocolates, cookies, split of champagne, small picture frame with portrait of the couple etc.

    Anniversary dinner

  • Include party games and encourage the couple to share stories about how they met, their best dinner dates and other such stories to make the event more exciting. If possible, display the couple’s wedding dresses on mannequins. You may borrow mannequins from local clothing stores.
  • In case you want to have an informal party that is easier to plan then consider about an open house party. Keep items like mouth watering cookies, muffins, pastries, fruit trays, egg rolls, sandwiches, cup cakes etc.

    Plus, include a variety of dips and wines in the party. You can also make the party a potluck. Another option is to hire a caterer for most of the part and request guests to bring their favorite appetizers or desserts to avoid fuss yet retain the fun quotient.

  • Picnic parties can also be planned for celebrating 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends. However, planning and organizing such a party is not easy. But, it offers scope for fun and enjoyment. You just have to be inventive and innovative.

    For instance, you may use gold colored paper plates, cups and reusable plastic tablecloths instead of the ones prepared from cloth. Plus, you ask the guests to bring a few dishes as well.

Apart from considering these 50th wedding anniversary dinner ideas, make proper arrangements for decorations, invitations, speech and explore other party ideas for 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

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