50th Wedding Anniversary Decorations Ideas

Planning and implementing 50th wedding anniversary decorations ideas can help a great deal in creating perfect ambience for the celebration of fifty years of happy marriage of a devoted couple.

As gold is a traditional symbol for 50th wedding anniversary incorporate gold in your party decorations and table settings. Use streamers, balloons, candlesticks, centerpieces, netted ribbons etc, all in golden color.

Tie golden ropes with tassels around the backs of chairs and tie golden tulle around base of candles. Serve drinks in crystal with gold accents. Plus, use violets in the anniversary party decorations as they denote love, humbleness and faithfulness.

50th anniversary decoration ideas

Suggested below are some superb 50th wedding anniversary decorations ideas.

  • Pick a theme and decide the arrangements for decorations in accordance with this theme. For instance, if the couple enjoys traveling around the world then extensively use European or Asian-inspired decorations.

    Or, you could opt for the happy couple’s honeymoon location as the theme. Retro themes also work well in recreating the atmosphere of a wedding that took place 50 years back. You will find most of the decoration items at party supplies stores and department stores.

  • You can incorporate a theme from the couple’s favorite song or movie in the decoration theme.
  • Try to collect interesting pictures of the couple over the years from friends and family members and make their copies. Display these photos in frames or on a large collage.

    Get one of best wedding photos enlarged and hang it on a wall. Not only is this gesture entertaining and nostalgic but it also encourages the guests to share their fond memories about the couple.

    50th anniversary decoration

  • If possible, display the original wedding dress as well.
  • Instead of using place cards, put small gold picture frames and use them as take-home gifts for guests.
  • You can use white and pink flowers, linens etc to create a romantic and serene ambience. Sprinkle metallic gold confetti on dark cloth centers. Put different old photos of the couple on different tables to encourage the guests to move around tables and interact with other people instead of remaining secluded.
  • Use specially designed candles on the 50th wedding anniversary cake to highlight cake decorations. You can place a gold number 50 on the top of the cake. Golden leaves or golden Cupid can also be used for this purpose. On the cake table, beautifully display a photo of the couple cutting their wedding cake.

As decoration is an integral part of any party, pay special attention on interesting yet feasible 50th wedding anniversary decorations ideas to create a simple but elegant atmosphere.

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    silver, gold and white, defo!
    awsome ideas!

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